Is it too late to get a Flu Shot?

Flu season generally begins in the fall and runs through the spring, typically peaking in January or February. This year the flu has hit fast and furious and it appears the epidemic is still packing quite a punch.  Even though it’s ideal to be vaccinated early, health officials say there is still a great deal of benefit to getting your flu shot at this point in the game.
It is a common misconception that a flu shot can actually cause one to get the flu. While the vaccine can sometimes cause flu-like symptoms, such as mild body aches and soreness, it cannot actually cause the flu.
Everyone is at risk of getting the flu so there is really no excuse not to protect your health and the health of your family. Get your flu shot today – it’s never too late!
You can walk-in to AFC Urgent Care Waltham any day between 8am to 8pm for your flu shot. Click here for more information  Feel free to register online before your visit and save yourself some time.
By Dr. Gary Blair