Month: February 2013

Safe Ear Wax Removal

What’s That You Say…? Ear wax build up is one of the more common causes of partial hearing loss, but it can also cause a sense of vertigo, itching, ringing in the ears, coughing and in some cases pain. In most cases, your ears are self cleaning.  However, if you experience any of the above …

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AFC Urgent Care TV Commerical

Check out our nationally televised AFC Urgent Care TV commercials. They were produced and directed by advertising creative legend, Kevin Moehlenkamp, and filmed in the AFC Urgent Care Waltham Center!

Are you Travel-Ready?

Are you Travel-Ready? Tips for a Healthy Trip Winter doldrums are setting in and vacations are on everyone’s mind. I’m sure the LAST thing on your mind is infectious disease and illness that can occur as you travel around the Globe. Cultural, hygienic, and geopolitical differences can pose challenges while bounding abroad; therefore, it is …

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