Winter-time Slips and Falls

Winter is the time of year for ice skating, snowball fights and sledding, but don’t get caught off guard by the slippery conditions outside.  With the snow accumulating you’ll want to make sure you take extra care, especially the elderly and young children.  Slipping and falling on icy sidewalks and roadways can lead to serious injuries.
There are however, some things you can do to make sure you stay safe this winter.  Wearing appropriate footwear with good traction will help you grip the ground and provide protection for your ankles if you do slip or fall.  You should also make sure that your hands are free of objects (yes even your cellphone) so you can protect yourself should you slip on a patch of ice.  Even though this is a busy time of year, make sure to slow down and take your time on slippery sidewalks, taking small and careful steps.
Making sure your elderly loved ones are taken care of is extra important during this time as well.  Help them by shoveling their walkways and clearing snow from their yards as this may be difficult for them to do safely.  You can also do things like running errands for them to ensure that they stay safe and sound during this potentially hazardous time of year.  Children should also be watched extra carefully; avoiding patches of ice, and should have good boots to prevent slips.
In the event that you do slip and fall and need immediate care, our Board Certified Physicians at AFC Urgent Care Waltham are here to help.  We can treat strains, sprains, cuts or bruises, and even breaks due to falls.  All of this with an average wait time of 15 minutes or less!
We are here for all of your urgent care and winter safety needs every day of the year from 8am to 8pm, with no appointment or referral necessary!