Winter Olympics 2014

SkierIn a few weeks, millions of people are going to descend upon Sochi, Russia to witness great feats by the world’s best winter athletes. If you are planning on being one of the millions, you should take some precautions before you go.
The US State Department issued an alert for those traveling to the Olympics. In the alert, it is mentioned that travelers consider the medical care environment. They warn the medical infrastructure in Sochi may not be sufficient to handle the volume of tourists. Be prepared before you travel.
As with all international travel, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor regarding your trip. The doctor can make sure you are fully vaccinated against any illnesses you may incur while abroad. For Russia, the CDC recommends most people receive a Hepatitis A vaccination on top of their standard routine vaccinations.
SochiWhile traveling, make sure to pack all necessary medicines and toiletries you may need while abroad. It is also recommended to dress warmly. The temperature in Sochi can average around 50F but it can drop below freezing at night. Considering a decent amount of events occur outside or in freezing temperatues, it is smart to dress warm since it is likely you will be spending prolonged amounts of time in the cold.
Make sure to check your insurance. See if your domestic coverage covers you internationally. If not, consider supplemental insurance coverage.
The CDC stresses using caution in large crowds especially after a win or loss of a certain team. Fans can often become unruly. They also mention using extra care when crossing the roads as Russian drivers do not often yield to pedestrians.
The aforementioned State Department alert as well as a CDC alert stresses extra precaution for Gay and Lesbian Travelers. Violence against the LGBT community in Russia has been abnormally high since the passing of an anti-gay propaganda law enacted last year.
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