Dehydration Symptoms & Treatment

It’s important that with the summer heat coming, you should keep yourself hydrated at all times! Lacking the appropriate amount of water in your body can result in dehydration and if not treated properly, can lead to death.
Water is essential in your body because it balances your temperature so that you don’t overheat. Your body does this by sweating, but if it has no sweat to produce due to lack of fluids in your body, you start to lose function to some of your important organs.
Some signs that you are dehydrated are;

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of urine/dark colored urine
  • Dizziness
  • Light-headed

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, then you are most likely dehydrated which means you need to pump your body with fluids. Water is good when you are doing low key activities such as walking or running errands. If you plan on doing a full workout for longer than an hour, try bringing both water and a sports drink with you. Sports drinks are good in a sense that they replenish what you have lost beyond just liquid, such as potassium and sodium.