Swimmer’s Ear Symptoms

If you’ve recently done a lot of swimming and you are starting to feel some discomfort in your ear, there is a possibility that you may be suffering from swimmer’s ear. Swimmer’s Ear, caused by moisture built-up inside the ear, is an inflammation of the ear canal. Contrary to popular belief, swimmer’s ear isn’t only caused by swimming, it could occur from a routine shower or from the muggy weather. Known as otitis externa, it gets its name because it is most common in frequent swimmers.
Symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear include:

  • Muffled-like hearing
  • Pain/tenderness in and around the ear
  • Itchiness
  • Watery discharge

If you happen to be suffering from any of these symptoms, seek medical attention. If left untreated, more severe issues can occur such as severe pain or chronic infection.  From here your doctor can provide you with medications to help relieve your discomfort.  It is especially important that you get treatment if you have an underlying medical condition that compromises your immune system, like diabetes.
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