Don't Get an Injury on Move-in Day!

college move-inThis time of the year is extremely exciting for incoming college freshmen. Move-in day is a crazy, hectic, emotional and crazy time and it is one the whole family will remember. However, you do not want to remember this as the day you slipped a disk in your back picking up a bed.
Here are a few tips to help you avoid an injury on move-in day.

Beware of your surroundings

It does not matter how big your child’s dorm room may be, it will get crowded when everything comes out of the boxes. It is important to inspect the furniture in the dorm, remember it has been used before you got there. Check the furniture for any sharply broken pieces sticking out, or unbalanced dressers and beds. Some injuries you can get from not paying attention could be a fractured finger or a stubbed toe.

Be careful lifting objects

Heavy, bulky objects, which can lead to serious injury if not lifted correctly, should not be lifted alone. Even if you’re lifting heavy weights at the gym, this is not the same as lifting a couch or 50″ TV.  Enlist help for carrying heavy objects to avoid injuries such as:A hernia

  • Slipped disk in back
  • Pinched nerve in shoulder
  • Pulled groin

Practice good lifting techniques

You can avoid injury when lifting these things by having a proper lift technique. If you start lifting with your lower back you will get injured. Instead, lift with your legs. The legs are the power source of the body & will stop you from getting an injury.
Use these tips to help make move-in day a wonderful experience. If you happen to get injured during move-in day, be sure to visit AFC Urgent Care Waltham for treatment!