How to Get Rid of a Cold

sick childUnfortunately, once you have one, there’s not real cure to get rid of a cold.  And once your symptoms have settled in, doing simple tasks become that much harder, and all you’ll want to do is lay in bed.  While you have to let your cold run its course, there are a few tried and true ways to ease your cold symptoms.

Stay hydrated

Did you know that certain drinks can help treat your cold?  Drinks like tea, sports drinks, and even chicken soup can help ease some of your symptoms by providing relief for your cough and sore-throat symptoms by stimulating salivation to help soothe and lubricate your throat.

Sleep It Off

Sleep is essential for your body’s immune system to fight off infections.  An annoying cough might make it difficult to get a full night’s rest, so invest in nasal strips, or a humidifier to help you breathe easier as you slumber.

Keep Things Clean

Germs and bacteria can live on hard surfaces in your home or at work for days at a time, and cleanliness will help keep viruses under control and prevent the spread to other areas.  Make sure to disinfect frequently touched areas in your home and at the office, especially during cold and flu season.  You should also be sure to wash your hands more frequently than usual to keep germs at bay.

Try Over-the-counter Cough Medicines and Decongestants

Decongestants can do the trick of breaking up that gunk and allowing for easier breathing.

How to know when to visit the doctor

Most of us won’t run to the doctor’s office at the first sign of a cold.  But occasionally, when your symptoms linger, or get worse, you may be feeling concerned and want a doctor’s take.  Perhaps your cold may have actually been the flu.  If you’re suffering from a cough that just won’t quit, be sure to visit AFC Urgent Care Waltham for immediate treatment, no appointment necessary!  We’ll have you in and out quickly, so you can feel back to your normal self.  Call or visit us today!