The Benefits of Getting A Flu Shot As Early As Possible

With flu season fast approaching, it’s essential to start thinking about getting a flu shot. The flu can take you out of your regular routine for several days with its uncomfortable symptoms, and it can also exacerbate any existing health conditions you may have. To stay healthy through the entire flu season, make sure you get your flu shot as early as possible. Here’s why you should start planning your flu shot today. 

Flu shots are more effective when you get them early

Flu shots essentially trick your body into building up an immune system response to the flu. This way, when your body is exposed to the actual virus, it will be able to fight it off. The earlier you get a flu shot, the longer your body will have to build up that immune response and protect you from flu symptoms. 

Time your flu shot at least a month before peak flu season

To make sure that your body has time to process the flu shot, schedule it at least a month before peak flu season hits. Flu season can vary slightly from place to place, but it usually starts around October and is at its worst from December until February. Getting your flu shot in September ensures you are prepared, and even if your friends and family get sick, you’ll be ready. 

Protection lasts all year

Although the flu is at its most prevalent during the fall and winter, there’s still a chance you could get it during other seasons, depending on where you live and how the illness spreads. Flu vaccines today are advanced and protect against many different strains to keep you safe. By getting your flu shot early, you will be protected from the flu throughout the entire year, even in the spring and summer months. 

Keep in mind that although the flu shot does last all year, it can wane in effectiveness as the year goes on. You’ll still be protected from most instances of the flu, but if there’s a particularly strong strain going around where you live, it could help to get another vaccine. If you are concerned about your chances of getting the flu, contact your doctor, or visit an urgent care center. They can help you determine if another flu vaccine is right for you. They can also give you personalized advice to help you stay healthy.