What are some options for a flu shot?

Children are more likely than adults to receive their flu vaccinations. Many parents want to protect their children from getting sick, and back-to-school physicals or wellness checks for toddlers and infants are a convenient time to get this vaccination. 

However, many adults do not get annual physicals like they should. When an adult is already sick and at their primary care physician’s office, it may not be an optimal time to get the flu vaccine. This creates a system where adults many adults claim they are too “busy” to get their flu vaccination. 

There are many convenient options for flu vaccinations that do not require setting up a specific appointment or missing any work. 

Many pharmacies offer flu vaccines but can have long wait times

Most pharmacies will offer common vaccines, including those for the flu. So while you are out grocery shopping on the weekend, stop by the pharmacy and see if you can receive your flu shot. 

The downside to many pharmacies, however, is that the pharmacist is often busy assisting the technicians with medications or discussing treatments with patients. The wait time may be quite long, especially on the weekend.

Offices are offering flu vaccine clinics by partnering with urgent care

Similar to a blood drive, many offices are now offering flu vaccine clinics. Check with your HR department to see if this is something they are planning or would consider adding as a benefit to employees. AFC Urgent Care Waltham also provides workplace flu clinics

Urgent Care Centers offer affordable and fast flu vaccines

Most urgent care centers also offer flu vaccines and do not require an appointment. Many urgent care centers also have evening and weekend hours, so you can stop by at a convenient time for you. 

The wait time at urgent care centers is generally not long, especially for something simple such as a flu shot. 

It is important for everyone, child and adult, to receive a flu vaccine in order to avoid getting sick. It is recommended to receive the vaccine at least one month before the predicted start of flu season in order to build up the proper immunity prior to exposure to the flu.

However, get your flu vaccination at AFC Urgent Care Waltham to get your flu shot quickly and efficiently. We offer the most competitive rates for flu shots and allow same-day appointments. Additionally, you can always visit as a walk-in patient to get your flu shot before flu season peaks.