The benefits of getting the flu shot as early as possible

While for many of us, fall brings to mind colorful leaves, pumpkin spice, and caramel apples, it is also a reminder of the upcoming flu season. Once the flu shot is available in your area, it is not too early to receive the vaccine. There are several benefits to receiving the flu shot once it is available.

Flu protection for the majority of flu season

By receiving your flu shot early, you gain immunity for the majority of the flu season. Even if the flu hits a bit earlier in your area, you will have already received the vaccine.

Additionally, the flu shot takes a couple of weeks to work fully. Therefore, getting it before the flu is at its peak will ensure you are protected when it does hit. It is recommended to receive the vaccine at least one month before flu season hits so that it has time to become fully effective.

Guaranteed flu vaccine availability

In some years, the flu vaccine is not as widely available, and doctor’s offices may run out from time to time. If the vaccine is running low, some doctor’s offices will only give it to high-risk populations like children and the elderly. By getting vaccinated early, you ensure that your doctor (or the clinic you visit) will have the vaccine available to give you.

Convenience from busier wait times in peak flu season

The chances are that many patients will flock to medical offices in order to get their flu vaccine, during peak flu season. An early flu shot is better than no flu shot at all, but getting it before flu season helps to avoid long wait times. It is better to go ahead and get it taken care of than to wait until it is too late or no longer available.

The only downside of receiving an early vaccine is that it may wane in effectiveness before the end of the season. You may consult with your physician to see if he or she thinks you need a second dose before the end of flu season. Flu shots are fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of having the flu, so even if you do require two vaccines for one season – it is worth the protection!

If you believe you’ll need an updated flu shot, make sure to visit AFC Urgent Care Waltham! Our urgent care providers are ready to provide early seasonal flu shots whenever patients need them!