Seasonal injury risks in the fall

As the seasons change, your injury risks do as well. Fall is a time when many people, adults and children alike, start to reset their routines as school ramps back up. Many children begin participating in sports again, and many adults head back to the gym. 

The increase in activity increases the risk of an injury. Risk can also increase for those who are transitioning from a summer sport to a fall one. Follow these tips to avoid any seasonal injuries:

Be cautious when beginning a new physical routine

Even if you are otherwise healthy, it is always wise to check in with your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine or sport. 

Also avoid doing too much, too fast. This is one of the top reasons people experience injuries. It is critical to ease into new activities. One way to gauge how much you can push yourself is to follow a ’10 percent rule.’ To do this, you do not increase your weekly activity or any one workout by more than 10 percent over the week prior. 

Take the time to stretch and warm up

Another leading cause of injury is not warming up or stretching. Make sure to do a 5 to ten minute warm-up before your exercise. After your warm-up, do some light to moderate stretching, just to make sure your body is ready to go before beginning your workout routine.

Take it easy as you start to get sore

As you begin your new routine, pay attention to your body. Make sure you understand the difference between “feeling the burn” and “lighting your body on fire”. The first is good, the second leads to injuries. 

You’ll also want to make sure your form is correct when performing any movements. If the exercise or movement is new to you, consider taking lessons or consulting a trainer to make sure you are doing it correctly before you continue. 

Go to AFC Urgent Care Waltham for Injury Treatment!

Even if you are very careful, are sure to warm up, and pay close attention to your body, you may still experience an injury. If this happens, visit a nearby urgent care center. 

Urgent care centers are often much faster than emergency rooms, and this allows those who are in a critical emergency to be seen at the hospital while your injury is handled promptly. Another benefit is that urgent care centers are often significantly less expensive than an emergency room visit. 

As you transition into your fall routines, do your best to avoid injuries. But if an injury happens, seek treatment right away.