How to Fit in Healthcare Appointments, Needs During the Holidays

We understand how stressful the holiday season can be. Cooking for the family, decorating for the guests, and shopping for, well everyone, can be extremely taxing. However, once everything comes to fruition with the festivities you’ll believe it is was worth it.

Even with a stressful holiday season, it is important to ensure that you set some time to address your healthcare and wellness needs. Stress and anxiety can lead to other health problems down the line, including chronic diseases. A chronic disease is any major healthcare disease that causes long-term or deteriorating overall health. These include conditions like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure/hypertension, and asthma.

The season can get stressful, and especially time-consuming, so it may be difficult to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At AFC Urgent Care Waltham, we wanted to get you a helping hand with your healthcare with our services and knowledge to ensure your holidays are healthier!

Address your holiday stress with exercise, therapy, and consultation

Stress and mental health are critical determinants of overall health. Waning mental health issues like stress or anxiousness can develop other short-term and long-term health issues. Take some to notice if it gets harder to sleep, or that you’re participating in more frequent drug/alcohol use, or eating less healthier. These are likely indicators of wellness detriments.

Speak with a therapist, counselor, family member, or friend to decompress any stressful holiday situations. Taking some time to talk about any stressful encounters can help to determine a solution to lower your stress level. Additionally, asking family members or friends with help for any holiday chores can make your life much easier during the holiday season.

Use acute healthcare services to fast, routine checks

Acute healthcare providers like clinics and urgent care centers are a great way to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. A PCP is still a great option for annual physicals, but an intermittent screening visit at an urgent care can help address immediate needs.

Seasonal flu shots, injury treatment, x-rays, and other services can be completed during your holiday chores at urgent care! Since urgent care centers have walk-in visits available you don’t have to wait weeks for care. The medical staff at an urgent care center can also provide some referrals to other specialists that can address other stress-related health issues.

And if you need urgent care ASAP, please visit the AFC Urgent Care Waltham walk-in clinic for immediate care!

If you aren’t healthy for the holidays, then you can’t enjoy all the time and energy you’ve put into preparing them. Take some time to take care of your wellness and give yourself the happiest holiday yet!