When is the Appropriate Time to Get an STD Test?

Sexual health is something that’s important to anyone who’s sexually active. An important part of that sexual health is knowing about STDs and STD testing. With such a stigma around STD testing, it can be hard to get the information you need to keep you safe and healthy. It’s time to answer all of those questions you have but have been too afraid to ask! Afterall, isn’t your sexual health worth one awkward conversation? 

What are STDs and How Do They Spread? 

STDs are a type of disease that spreads from one person to another during sexual activity. Sexual activity includes anything orally, vaginally, or anally. STD’s can occur in anyone and it doesn’t mean that you’re gross! It simply means you had sexual contact with a carrier of the disease. The best way to prevent catching an STD is to use condoms and speak openly with your partners about their sexual history and recent STD testing. 

Where Can You Get Tested? 

The quickest and easiest place to get tested for STDs is at your local urgent care. Urgent care centers are equipped with tools to perform swab testing, blood testing, and urine testing to screen for STDs. If any of your tests come back positive, the urgent care physician can prescribe you a medication or refer you for further treatment. Most STD’s can be easily cured with certain antibiotics. STDs that are left untreated for an extended period of time could lead to long-term health issues. STD testing at an urgent care is affordable and may even be covered by your insurance. 

When Should You Get Tested?

STD testing should be done regularly. Specific times you should be tested include: 

  • Any time you have sexual contact with a new partner
  • If you believe your partner has had sexual contact with other people
  • Any time you have sex without a condom
  • If you’re in a monogamous relationship using protection, get tested annually
  • If you have symptoms of an STD

Speak with any potential sexual partner to find out when the last time they were tested. If they haven’t been tested, ask them to get tested before having sexual contact with them. If someone won’t disclose details about their sexual history or if they refuse to get tested, that should be a red flag to you! 

To learn more about how STD testing works and what to expect, call your local urgent care center today.