Can I travel for the holidays during COVID?

Traveling this holiday season does not look the way it has in past years. The COVID outbreak has changed many things for everyone all over the world. The CDC has very specific precautions to take if you are planning to travel during the holiday season. AFC Urgent Care Waltham is here to provide you with any information you may need regarding COVID-19. The first thing to do if you plan on seeing any family is getting a COVID rapid test. This is the only way to know if you have an active COVID case. Read more to learn about the precautions to take if traveling during COVID:

If you are flying…

Airports carry a very high amount of germs, starting with the self-check kiosk. While airports are doing their part to help keep you safe, it’s important to go even further and take care of yourself.

  • Always wear a mask covering your nose and mouth, and do not lower it unless instructed by an airport official.
  • Do not eat any food until you have reached your destination and can wash your hands.
  • Wear gloves and carry disinfectant wipes to help minimize the germs in your seat.
  • Maintain a social distance of 6 feet from those around you at the airport.

It is up to you to do your part in keeping others safe and minimizing the spread. If you have an active COVID case or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, do not travel or be around other people.

If you are visiting the elderly…

The elderly are among the group of people who are at the highest risk of complications from COVID. The holidays may be the only chance for some families to see their elder parents or grandparents, but this year may need to be an exception. The best way to keep these loved ones safe is by not coming within 6 feet of them entirely. Scheduling video calls with grandparents or keeping everyone outside while socially distanced may be better options.

If you have a large family…

One of the significant reasons the second wave of COVID has started is the larger gatherings of people. Many cases of COVID are asymptomatic, meaning they do not show any symptoms. If someone does not know they have COVID and they gather with others, then it is likely many others at that gathering will leave with COVID. It may be beneficial to redefine what the holidays look like this year and plan virtual meetings with others. If this isn’t an option, and a gathering will still happen, there are a few ways to help minimize the spread at the event. Keep your face mask on throughout the event, and maintain 6 feet between everyone at the party. Wash your hands frequently, and if you are the host, provide disposable utensils and plates to everyone. Do not share any food or drinks with others.

For more information on staying safe during COVID, call AFC Urgent Care Waltham today.