Safety Tips While Grilling this Summer

Many people spend their summers grilling for cookouts, barbecues, or just every night dinner. If you are not careful, however, accidents can happen and you may get burned. At AFC Urgent Care Waltham, the health and safety of our communities are our number one priority. That is why our center is open every day to help patients receive the treatment they need. Learn more about grilling safety tips to implement this summer to stay safe.

Grill Placement

Grills should only be used in outdoor spaces that are not covered by any combustible material. Propane, gas, and charcoal grills are all designed to be used outdoors. Using your grill in any other area increases the risk of things catching fire quickly. This also applies to placing grills too close to your home. Materials can heat up and cause a fire. They should be placed at least 10 feet from your home or any other combustible object.

Grills should also be placed on flat, level surfaces. Otherwise, they may pose the threat of tipping over and causing a fire, or burning anyone who is close.

Grill Maintenance

It’s important to check your grill for leaks once grilling season begins. If you store your grill away for the winter, a leak can cause gas or propane can build up inside the grill. Be sure to always open the lid before turning the grill on, as well.

On the topic of grease, after use, it can build up in the tray and on the grill plates. If it is not properly cleaned, then it can act as fuel that can ignite when starting the grill. Be sure to clean it after every use with a grill brush and empty out the tray when it is full.

Grilling Safety

Never leave the grill unattended while food is cooking and it is on. Barbecues use open flames and fires can happen quickly. Be sure to keep all children and animals away from the grill as well. If the person grilling needs to step away, be sure to have another adult watch the grill for you.

Avoid grilling while wearing loose articles of clothing or dangling sleeves while grilling. Apron strings should also be tied back completely to avoid catching fire.

Burn First Aid

If you are burned by a grill, be sure to assess how severe the burn is. Minor burns do not require medical care and can be treated at home. First-aid tips for minor burns include running the area under cool water for several minutes. You can also apply a cool, wet compress if you’re not able to run it underwater.

Remove all rings or jewelry from the affected area carefully before it begins to swell. Don’t break any blisters that form, and cover the area loosely with a bandage to avoid any infection. Take OTC pain medication as needed to reduce pain.