Back-to-School Health & Safety

Beginning on your child’s first day back to school, it’s important to be conscious of their health and teach them healthy habits. With COVID-19 still around, the health and safety of our communities are of utmost importance. AFC Urgent Care Waltham is here to help provide all members of our community with urgent care. Learn more about back-to-school healthy and safety tips, and visit AFC Waltham for injury or illness treatment today.

Take COVID-19 Seriously

COVID has dictated a lot of decisions for people in the last two years. Students learn the best when they are in person, so safely returning to school is everyone’s priority. Ensure your child has enough facemasks that they may need for the school year. Encourage them to follow social distancing and, if possible, schedule an appointment for them to get vaccinated.

Be Active & Eat Healthy

Sugar and fast food can seem appealing to small children, however, it’s important to get into healthy habits at a young age. Ensure your child drinks plenty of water and avoids sugary drinks like soda. Sports drinks are okay occasionally, but they should not be the primary source of hydration. Eating a well-balanced meal can help with brain development and keep childhood obesity down.

Children should receive an average of 9 hours of sleep per night, and teenagers can manage on 8 hours. Sleep is a vital part of developing brains, and it should be prioritized. If your child is having difficulty sleeping, ensure they are getting enough exercise throughout their days. The CDC recommends an average of 60 minutes per day.

Receive Routine Vaccinations

Vaccinations have been around for years, and they are imperative to our health. They have nearly eradicated many illnesses that plagued our country for years. Routine vaccines are recommended during annual physicals. Make sure your child is up-to-date on their recommended vaccines. Some schools are after-school activities that will require vaccines for participation.

Consider Mental Health

School, in general, can take a toll on children’s and teenager’s mental health. Adding COVID into it can make things even worse. Above all else, prioritize your child’s mental health. Teach them healthy coping techniques and how to manage their stress levels. Recognize any warning signs in your child and speak with professionals if needed. Encourage your child to get involved in sports or other clubs that are of interest to them.

At the end of the day, healthy and happy students will thrive in their education. It’s important to teach your child how to be the best version of themselves during their developmental years. Visit AFC Urgent Care Waltham for treatment of urgent needs and health resources.