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Heat Exhaustion – Drink Your Fluids!

Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s time you learned some information on heat exhaustion and how you can prevent it from happening to you! Heat exhaustion occurs when your body basically becomes too hot. If you are properly hydrated, then your body cools off by sweating. However, if you are dehydrated and …

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Patients in Newton MA Love Us!

Recently a patient from right down the street in Newton, MA visited our location. This particular individual had two issues that were resolved professionally and efficiently. Here is what the particular individual stated about their overall experience: “Two fantastic experiences – so much better than an emergency room with better competency in my opinion. Very …

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Flu Shots For Seniors

Adults age 65 years or older typically have weaker immune systems and, therefore, are more susceptible to the influenza virus (the flu). Most hospitalizations and deaths from the seasonal flu occur in people over the age of 65 who have underlying medical conditions. This is why it is important that all Senior Citizens get a …

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Safe Ear Wax Removal

What’s That You Say…? Ear wax build up is one of the more common causes of partial hearing loss, but it can also cause a sense of vertigo, itching, ringing in the ears, coughing and in some cases pain. In most cases, your ears are self cleaning.  However, if you experience any of the above …

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AFC Urgent Care TV Commerical

Check out our nationally televised AFC Urgent Care TV commercials. They were produced and directed by advertising creative legend, Kevin Moehlenkamp, and filmed in the AFC Urgent Care Waltham Center!

Are you Travel-Ready?

Are you Travel-Ready? Tips for a Healthy Trip Winter doldrums are setting in and vacations are on everyone’s mind. I’m sure the LAST thing on your mind is infectious disease and illness that can occur as you travel around the Globe. Cultural, hygienic, and geopolitical differences can pose challenges while bounding abroad; therefore, it is …

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Cold Weather Problems… FROSTBITE! The cold weather is here and care has to be taken to prevent, recognize, and treat cold-related injury to exposed areas, typically fingers, toes, ears, and nose. This is due to constriction of the blood vessels, depriving oxygen to these parts. “Frostnip” is a milder, reversible precursor to Frostbite, which can …

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Hypothermia: Symptoms and Prevention Winter is in full swing in New England and with temperatures dipping below freezing as of late, it’s important to understand the risks of hypothermia and how to treat it. Hypothermia is caused when the body loses heat faster than it can produce it; which can happen quickly on a frigid …

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Cough in Adults

I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has had a cough at some point. It is certainly one of the most common complaints prompting visits to the doctors, and resulting in lost work days, sleepless nights, and general malaise. This malady also prompts two basic questions: 1) Why is this happening? 2) What can and should …

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