Tick Bite and Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme disease and tick bites are very common during the summertime, and may require immediate symptom treatment at an urgent care center. The good news for patients is that AFC Urgent Care Waltham provides comprehensive lyme and tick bite treatment for patients 1 year or older. 

Whenever you are outside during the summer you’ll want to actively prevent tick bite risks and screen for Lyme to double-check. Below is a breakdown of prevention and symptoms related to Lyme disease: 

How you can prevent Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is highly preventable if individuals and families understand some of the key risks and prevention techniques to reduce contact with ticks. Effective Lyme prevention skills and know-hows include: 

  • Avoiding heavily wooded areas and forests: When possible, try to avoid areas with a lot of woods, since ticks tend to live in dense woods. 
  • Always do a tick check when outside: Regardless of where you are make sure to check your hair, neck, arms, legs, feet, and other visibility areas for ticks. 
  • Wear protective clothing when camping: If you are camping then you’ll want to bring protect clothing including a hat, lightweight pants, boots, and socks to reduce the chance of ticks. 
  • Look for any public health updates online and see if there are new tick alerts in your town/community. 

Walk-In Clinic Treatment for Lyme Disease Symtpoms

Any patient that has Lyme disease will likely know based on the key symptoms of Lyme. These symptoms include Bull’s Eye Pattern Rash where the tick bit, fatigue, fever, swelling, stiffness, headache, nausea, and dizziness. 

If you think you need symptom treatment and diagnosis for Lyme Disease, make sure you visit AFC Urgent Care Waltham ASAP! We can provide a variety of services including lab testing and x-rays to diagnosis Lyme. We also have urgent care providers on hand to treat any symptoms as well. 

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